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I have a new found vitality for life!

I cannot begin to describe my gratitude for Andrea and her ability to heal the body, mind, and spirit through her practice of acupuncture! She truly exudes compassion for her clients and has helped my body heal beyond what I thought was possible.

I came in for a pain management from a recent injury and within 4-6 sessions (I’m sure every case is different) I was experiencing permanent pain relief and increased energy.

I felt so incredibly good that it finally dawned on me:

I had been carrying chronic pain for 15 years but I was so accustomed to the dull pain and body fatigue that I thought it was a “normal” part of my life.

I have experienced trauma in the past which trigger occasional PTSD episodes. Acupuncture with Dr. Smous has allowed my body to release those stored trauma imprints and I have a new found vitality for life!

She customizes each session and adds additional treatment such as cupping (amazing!) as needed.

If feeling like your “best self” is a priority then please visit Compassion Acupuncture! 💕

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